AEA Elects New Members to its Board of Directors

Six incumbents were re-elected to represent the United States, and one new board member, Tim Shaw of Rocky Mountain Aircraft, was elected to represent Canada.

Relling was elected to the AEA board of directors in 2009. He is the international sales manager for Aspen Avionics.

Previously, Relling was international sales manager for Aero Dynamix Inc. He also worked as an international sales representative at Honeywell for many years.

Relling attends the AEA Europe Regional Meeting and the AEA South Pacific Regional Meeting every year, as well as the annual AEA International Convention & Trade Show.

Shaw is the avionics manager of Rocky Mountain Aircraft located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Rocky Mountain Aircraft has been an AEA member since 1989, and Shaw is involved in all aspects of the company. He regularly attends the AEA Canada Regional Meeting and the AEA International Convention & Trade Show.

Throughout his career, Shaw has gained knowledge of the aviation rulemaking process, as well as obtaining an interest in policy development, aircraft certification, maintenance and facility approvals. He served in the military and has a college degree. He serves on the steering committee for Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

After completing a degree in aeronautics and becoming an instrument-rated commercial pilot, Stephenson's career began working at a Beechcraft sales office, and later for Mooney Aircraft where she delivered and eventually sold aircraft. 

In 1998, she joined L-3 Avionics Systems (then BF Goodrich) where she is currently the manager of the aftermarket business development group. 

Her involvement in the AEA also began in 1998, and she was elected to the board of directors in 2009. Currently, she serves on the AEA Trusteeship Committee. Stephenson also has served on the AEA Member of the Year nominating committee and attends every AEA International Convention & Trade Show and AEA Regional Meetings.

Founded in 1957, the Aircraft Electronics Association represents more than 1,300 repair stations from throughout the world specializing in maintenance, repair and installation of avionics and electronic systems in general aviation aircraft. The AEA membership also includes manufacturers of avionics equipment, instrument repair facilities, instrument manufacturers, airframe manufacturers, test equipment manufacturers, major distributors, engineers and educational institutions.

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