COMPLY365 Adds Functionality to Document & Learning Software Solutions

Roscoe, IL – Comply365 today announced many key enhancements with its 4.3 release. It includes many of the features users have been requesting, including a way to account for leave of absences, the ability to add large, nested PDFs, and additional SCORM/AICC compliance tools.


Document & Communication Manager (DCM) helps airlines and other organizations go paperless. It helps users at all levels across the entire enterprise to access documents, manuals and materials from anywhere, on any device. While DCM users have always had the ability to upload any file type and any size, uploading large, complex and linked PDFs was nearly impossible. We recognized that airlines often need to reference enormous documents, many with multiple PDFs that comprise a single larger volume. With often thousands of pages in many aviation manuals, individual PDFs were linked and nested in multiple folders to comprise an entire document, making easy uploads virtually impossible. Document & Communication Manager now allows users an easy way to upload and access large, complex manuals such as maintenance manuals for aircraft and engines.


Another highly requested feature was an easy way to account for crews and others who are on leave of absence. Comply365 software solutions now allow administrators to note who is on leave of absence without affecting the reporting. Customers can choose to do this manually or automatically with direct integration into an HR system. Crew or others who are on leave of absence can now access their material and training prior to returning, ensuring they are ready to fly or are in compliance for their job when they return from leave of absence. This feature keeps reporting accurate and makes it easy for those on leave to return in full compliance.


This new release also brings upgraded SCORM & AICC support to the LMS Learning Manager. Now users can leverage any SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) or AICC (Aviation Industry CBT Committee) compliant content. SCORM & AICC compliant material is interoperable, allowing individual curricula created with this standard to communicate with learning management software so content can be easily leveraged. Using this standard makes it easy for users to pause their training and still pick up where they left off or bookmark their progress. In addition, it provides reporting on the time users are in a particular course.


Comply365 continues to improve software solutions to make users more productive and airlines more profitable. Added functionality like the large PDF uploads, leave of absence and SCORM/AICC enhancements, help airlines save time and leverage existing investments in content and resources, which in turn, helps them save money. In fact, the savings aren’t limited to airlines. Any organization can take advantage of this enterprise software and mobile companion apps.


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