Northern California Business Aviation Association to host luncheon

The May 8, 2012 meeting of the Northern California Business Aviation Association, hosted by NCBAA member Ascend Development of Hayward, CA, will include a presentation of aviation legal issues by Michael L. Dworkin & Associates, award of the 2011 NCBAA scholarship to further aviation education for a member of the next generation of business aviation professionals, a gourmet catered lunch featuring food items specific to high quality in-flight meal service, and an ebay auction of an "airplane motorcycle" to raise funds for the 2012 NCBAA scholarship fund.


In addition to hosting the luncheon, Ascend Development is donating the airplane motorcycle for auction, which was designed and built by Greg Inkmann, noted aviation enthusiast and artist based in Topeka, KS.  The inspiration for this creation was a flight Greg took in a Stearman PT-17.  That resulted in a desire to create a machine that would memorialize and capture the feeling of flying that open cockpit Stearman.  Greg says "As an artist I express in sculptural form my fascination with flight.  My art work reflects irony and whimsy. The color, shape and three dimensional movement of aircraft are integral to the design and execution of my aviation art. The motorcycle would give me the wind part along with leaning left and right".  


The motorcycle is fully operational, starts at the touch of the electric starter, and runs as it should.  Features include authentic fabric covered wings and control surfaces, functional flying wires, fully adjustable turnbuckles,  excellent workmanship throughout, and is the perfect choice for those short trips between hangars!  Below is a link to the ebay auction.  It's a little long, but a quick "Honda Stearman" search on ebay also brings it up.  Because of new ebay listing rules (only allow a max 10 day auction), the current listing is a 21 day fixed price listing which will convert to a no-reserve auction expiring during the lunch on May 8th, if not sold before.

 See the motorcycle here:

Event Date:  Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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