Perfect Point Wins 2012 OSD/NCMS Maintenance Challenge

Huntington Beach, CA – April 4, 2012 – Perfect Point EDM Corporation, makers of the revolutionary E-Drill electrodischarge fastener removal system, was named the winner of the $100,000 Commercial Technologies for Maintenance Activities (CTMA) Maintenance Technology Challenge. Perfect Point presented the winning proposal to the Department of Defense (DoD) Senior Sustainment Leader Panel at the 2012 CTMA Symposium, held last week in Coronado, CA.


The competition, first announced in December 2011 by Mr. John Johns, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Maintenance Policy & Programs, seeks to introduce new technologies that will help sustain materiel availability at reduced cost to DoD maintenance facilities. Mr. Johns tapped the CTMA program, a collaboration between the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), to administer the challenge.


Selection criteria included level of innovation, overall benefits, deployment within 12 months, the strength of the team and the ability to benefit both DoD and industry. Perfect Point was chosen out of 18 submissions.


Perfect Point’s E-Drill solves many of the problems associated with airframe fastener removal via standard mechanical drilling, including airframe damage, repetitive motion injuries, low productivity and drill shard debris. In its winning entry, Perfect Point proposed a comprehensive program to develop the engineering and process specifications necessary to allow the DoD to implement the E-drill across several aerospace platforms. Currently, DoD is approving E-Drill use at a rate of one fastener in one application on one platform at a time. The CTMA award allows the DoD to accelerate adoption and much more quickly realize the cost reduction benefits associated with this important new technology.

The project goal is to produce a standard E-Drill fastener removal specification package for seven major DoD facilities, including three Navy Fleet Readiness Centers, three Air Force Air Logistics Centers and one Army depot. The program is expected to deliver five specific benefits:


Reduction in labor costs on the targeted applications

Reduction in airframe damage-related costs, including MRB costs and replacement of parts irreparably damaged by mechanical drilling

Reduced injuries due to improved ergonomics related to force, posture, vibration, repetition, compression, duration and noise

Elimination of foreign object debris (FOD)

Improved maintenance cycle time


“We are honored to be chosen as the winner of this important competition,” said James Legge, CEO of Perfect Point. “The CTMA award firmly establishes the E-Drill as the new standard for fastener removal in DoD maintenance and the broader aerospace industry. In partnership with the CTMA, Perfect Point can now accelerate the path to the future, saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars while transforming the task of fastener removal.”


About Perfect Point EDM

Perfect Point EDM Corporation (PPedm) developed and manufactures the patented E-Drill handheld fastener removal tool system for the aerospace industry. A fast-growing roster of clients, including several Fortune 500 companies, are turning to PPedm to help them save money and improve efficiency in the maintenance workplace. Based in Huntington Beach, CA, PPedm was founded in 2005. Visit for more information.


About NCMS

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, the largest cross industry collaborative Research & Development consortium in North America, is dedicated to driving innovation in commercial, defense, robotics and environmentally sustainable manufacturing. NCMS has over 25 years of experience in the formation and management of complex, multipartner collaborative R&D programs, and is backed by corporate members representing virtually every manufacturing sector.


About CTMA

The Commercial Technologies for Maintenance Activities (CTMA) program is a Department of Defense supported NCMS initiative that ensures American troops and their equipment are ready to face any situation, with the most up-to-date and best maintained platforms and tools.