EPIC Aviation Begins Cooperation with China National Aviation Fuel Group Corporation

CNAF Global Jet Service Company will be responsible for general aviation fuel, customer services, charter, and aircraft management services at all of China’s airports

Salem, OR USA- – April 3, 2012- EPIC Aviation™ “EPIC” has begun a major cooperative effort with CNAF in marking the beginning of the creation of a China Aviation Services Network deploying facilities and services modeled after the finest in North America, while embracing the best traditions of business in the world’s most populous nation.


EPIC began focusing on opportunities in China six years ago, with EPIC’s Greater China President, John Chen, and EPIC CEO, Scott B. Walker, spearheading the company’s efforts to develop relationships within the aviation industry. Those efforts culminated in late November 2011 with EPIC being awarded the opportunity to partner with CNAF.


EPIC’s cooperation is through CNAF Jet Service Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of CNAF, to be renamed CNAF Global Jet Service Company which will be responsible for general aviation fuel, customer services, charter and aircraft management services at all of China’s airports.


“As China becomes the world’s fastest growing civil aviation market and the fastest-growing population of millionaires and billionaires, China’s business-jet fleet is growing significantly - with forecasts for continued high growth. We are very pleased to partner with CNAF, the largest aviation fuel supplier in Asia, which serves over 190 domestic and international airlines at 160 airports across China. We are drawing upon our respective and unique strengths to tap the huge market potentials here and globally and bring our customers better benefits and comforts,” explained Walker.“


"China has embarked on an aggressive program to open airspace, reduce access barriers and welcome business aircraft to a growing number of airports,” Walker noted. Walker said the partners have already started work in support of China’s rapidly growing business-aviation community.


“We believe that with EPIC’s unique expertise and innovation in North America, combined with CNAF’s strong aviation service network and prominent brand, the CNAF Global Jet Service Company will witness an explosive growth in the foreseeable future, and we are quite confident that our joint efforts will make business jet operations seamless and appealing to global customers,” Walker noted.




EPIC Aviation, LLC is a wholly owned business of Downstream Aviation, a Dallas-based company with a main focus of acquiring and operating companies in the aviation fuel segment of the petroleum industry. EPIC Aviation is an aviation fuel supplier with primary operations throughout the US and Canada including the EPIC Aviation FBO Network. EPIC’s supply system consists of nearly 300 supply points in the U.S. and Canada selected to provide customers with a reliable and secure fuel supply. The system utilizes a broad network of refineries, terminals, pipelines, and railcars to serve over 4,000 diverse customers including airlines, cargo operators, business aviation flight departments, fixed base operators and resellers. The company is host to a variety of industry products and solutions offering flexibility, direct secure fuel supply and exceptional customer service. EPIC’s fuel is used by private and commercial aircraft, business aircraft, and helicopters.




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