Ipsen Inc.

Educate Staff with Heat Treat Furnace Training

CHERRY VALLEY, IL – Experience Ipsen’s passion to share heat treatment knowledge and experience on a variety of topics - operating, maintenance, troubleshooting and much more for vacuum furnace equipment. An upcoming Ipsen U course will be held April 10-12, 2012 at the Cherry Valley, Ill. facility.

A recent Ipsen U participant, Matthew Hopkins of Stack Metallurgical, Inc., states, “The entire seminar was outstanding. I can’t wait to have the whole company educated.”

Attend the Ipsen U course on-site or plan a custom Ipsen U training at your facility. Our experienced instructors can provide custom training courses for your employees tailored to your specific machinery and operations. Our professional, experienced instructors cover a wide-range of vacuum furnace topics:

  • Introduction to Vacuum Furnace Technology
  • Operating, maintaining and troubleshooting
  • Green efforts – fine tuning for peak efficiency
  • Optimizing older furnaces to save costs - retrofits, tuning enhancements, etc.
  • EH&S considerations
  • Subsystems and components
  • Instrumentation and configuration set-up
  • Alarms and safety
  • Electrical mechanics, breakers, switches, sensors, etc.
  • Cycle Programming
  • Basic of pumps and pumping systems
  • Specific furnace and process information
  • Mechanical overview – valves, pressure settings, leaks, etc.
  • Hot zone upkeep tips

Other 2012 Ipsen U Classes:

  • June 5-7
  • August 7-9
  • October 16-18

Contact Carol Crawford at 815-332-2518 or carol.crawford@ipsenusa.com to register or for an on-site Ipsen U quote today. Visit www.IpsenUSA.com/ipsen-u.php to learn more.