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Master Lock addresses aviation maintenance with industry’s first Aircraft Safety Lockout Kits

(MILWAUKEE, WIS.) - April 2, 2012 - Master Lock Company today announced the introduction of the aviation industry’s first Aircraft Safety Lockout Kits. The electrical safety Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) devices are specifically designed for aircraft, to protect maintenance teams from injury due to re-energized power systems while performing maintenance service procedures.


The kits are part of the Master Lock Safety Series™ new Aviation Safety Lockout program. Included in the kits are the S2329 Aircraft Circuit Breaker Lockout and the S2029 Aircraft Power Receptacle Lockout, along with S4529 Aircraft Lockout Tags and an assortment of safety lockout padlocks.


Being previewed April 3-5 during Aviation Week’s MRO Americas Expo at the Dallas Convention Center, the kits and specially designed aircraft lockout devices can be viewed by show visitors at the Master Lock Safety Series™ booth (#3125). A full range of products for facility safety lockout applications will be on display, as well as perimeter and property security. The kits are expected to be available in August.


“Aircraft Safety Lockout Kits offer a convenient, affordable way for all aviation organizations to demonstrate and extend their support for the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) ‘safety culture’ emphasis,” says Master Lock Safety Product Manager Todd Morrison. “These kits make OSHA-compliant aircraft-specific electrical safety lockout devices, tags and locks readily available to the workers performing required maintenance of commercial, corporate and cargo planes every day.”


Kits are available in two sizes, either six or twelve S2329 Aircraft Circuit Breaker Lockouts, a similar amount of safety padlocks and Aircraft Lockout Tags, and one S2029 Aircraft Power Receptacle Lockout device. Users can choose from two thermoplastic padlock models: the steel shackle 410RED or dielectric 406RED with a non-conductive, non-magnetic, non-sparking shackle. All padlocks are keyed different, complying with the OSHA guidelines stipulating one key per lock per employee to prevent key duplication and exposing workers to safety risks.


Along with being specifically designed for aircraft electrical system power sources, Morrison points out that the new circuit breaker and power receptacle lockout devices also simplify lockout tasks. “The S2329 Aircraft Circuit Breaker Lockout fits long and short breakers as well as those with and without collars. The S2029 Aircraft Power Receptacle Lockout effectively blocks energy when applied to any of the larger prongs in either a 6- or 3-prong configuration.”


The Guardian Extreme™ Aircraft Lockout “Danger–Do Not Operate” tags are likewise specially designed for aviation applications, he notes. Their small 3” x 1-1/2” size is an ideal fit amid circuit breaker panels typically found on aircraft. “All aircraft-specific products in these kits reflect decades of Master Lock leadership in safety lockout/tagout for industrial and commercial usage worldwide,” Morrison reveals.


“Adapting this know-how to the aviation industry has resulted in devices that offer highly effective protection for aircraft maintenance teams from shock, major injury or worse while performing maintenance procedures. In large, commercial hangars or smaller, corporate operations, Aircraft Safety Lockout Kits make it easy for airlines, cargo carriers and aviation maintenance organizations to meet FAA directives, comply with OSHA standards and prevent worker injuries as well as costly equipment damage, all at once.”


For more information on the Master Lock Aviation Lockout Program, including video demonstrations of Aircraft Lockout Products, visit For story details, contact Bob Wolff, The Drucker Group ( at 224-532-1808.


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