Ipsen Inc.

Upturn Creates Needs, Ipsen Provides Support

CHERRY VALLEY, IL – According to the Metal Treating Institute (MTI), “Year to date sales for the Metal Treating Industry for February 2012 were $179.5 million, a rise of 21.7% from 2011 when sales for January-February equaled $147.5 million,” and that, “Sales for the Metal Treating Industry for February 2012 totaled $90.9 million, a gain of 24.8% from 2011 when sales for February equaled $72.8 million.” In the midst of this growth, Ipsen delivers support for new equipment, retrofits and upgrades as well as parts, service and training.

Ipsen’s Aftermarket Support team provides customers with quick delivery of parts and expert field service. In one example, Ipsen was called upon for parts, service and training by a major turbine engine manufacturer in the Southwest, becoming a key resource in supporting the success of their production and operations activities.

Ipsen’s knowledge and resources help its customers recover from a struggling economy, and to implement better cost saving models during that recovery. Many customers made the decisions to reduce production or to leave furnace equipment idle, borrowing spare parts from this idle equipment to keep other equipment running, in order to save money. Now, as the heat treat industry experiences significant growth, those idle machines need to return to production as quickly as possible.

Ipsen’s multimillion dollar parts inventory is comprised of thousands of items. This ensures that customers receive the required support of parts to maintain their furnace equipment.

Ipsen can also help with equipment training. Some companies may have lost valuable employees during this economic downturn causing a lack of equipment and process knowledge. To meet this need, Ipsen offers onsite training at your facility as well as training at our facility called Ipsen U that covers operation and maintenance of thermal processing equipment.

At Ipsen, the urgency to get equipment back up and running with minimal downtime is our priority. Contact us for equipment, service and training needs at 815-332-2553 or toll free 800-727-7625 and ask for the Parts department. Visit www.IpsenUSA.com/AMS for more information.