Grime-Off General Aviation Cleaning Products from Aircraft Spruce

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. has introduced a new line of 100% biodegradable cleaning products which are ideal for general aviation aircraft. Certified to Boeing Standard D-6 for commercial aircraft, Grime Off Aviation products are mean, green, and made to clean. The product line includes Exterior Wash, Surface Cleaning Spray & Wipes, Windshield Cleaning Spray & Wipes, Grime Off Heavy Duty Degreaser, LubFix lubricant, Shield it rust and corrosion protection, Simply Soy cleaner/lubricant, Green Carpet carpet and upholstery cleaner, Bolt Off rust and corrosion remover, Brake Cleaner, and Gas Off wipes for removing fuel smells from hands and clothing. Made in the USA, the Grime Off family of 100% green products are perfect for keeping all types and sizes of aircraft looking like new.

For more information, please contact Aircraft Spruce at 1-877-4SPRUCE or (951)372-9555 or see the Grime Off products at

Aircraft Spruce’s complete product line is available at as well as through the company’s free 800 page catalog.