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Avplan Trip Support Teams With JSSI To Offer Avplan Clients Access To International Maintenance Services

There’s never a good time for an unplanned maintenance event - and a breakdown in unfamiliar territory can be extremely stressful. That’s why Avfuel’s flight planning company, Avplan Trip Support, has teamed up with JSSI, the world’s leading independent provider of hourly cost maintenance programs, to offer Avplan customers something priceless – peace of mind.


Through this unique partnership, Avplan customers that experience maintenance issues while traveling internationally will now have access to JSSI’s global team of experts. (The trip must be arranged through Avplan Trip Support to qualify for this service). Simply contact Avplan to be put in contact with the regional expert in the geographic area in which the aircraft is located.


“This service is beneficial to Avplan customers as JSSI has a network of highly experienced Technical Advisors located globally. Avplan customers will have the advantage of using these advisors as a resource should they have a maintenance issue in an unfamiliar territory,” said JSSI Vice President of Technical Services George Kleros. “JSSI and Avplan have a long-standing business relationship, and we feel our joined expertise can add a positive value to a customer’s experience.”


Avplan’s international travel insight combined with JSSI’s worldwide team of maintenance professionals ensure that customers have access to the best quality services and the know-how to navigate them – no matter where they fly. JSSI’s experienced Technical Advisor will serve as a liaison between the Avplan customer and local maintenance providers during the repair process, issuing recommendations, making maintenance arrangements and serving as the general point of contact.


Avplan customers that take advantage of this exclusive venture will also benefit from a streamlined billing process. Customers are responsible for the direct cost of the required repairs as well as a nominal fee for JSSI’s regional technical expertise, to be billed through Avplan.


“By working together in this capacity, Avplan and JSSI have removed a great deal of worry from flying internationally,” said Avplan Operations Manager Phil Tyler. “By providing easy access to a trusted team and a regional expert virtually anywhere on earth, a maintenance issue can be simply inconvenient as opposed to distressing.”

For more information, contact Avplan Trip Support at 734-663-6466 or avplanops@avfuel.com.



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Founded in 1989, JSSI is the largest independent provider of hourly cost maintenance programs for aircraft engines and airframes. JSSI provides its clients with comprehensive, flexible and affordable financial tools for managing the often unpredictable costs of operating and maintaining nearly all types of turbine-powered aircraft, including jets, turbo-props and turbine powered helicopters. JSSI serves clients globally and manages maintenance services through its worldwide infrastructure of certified technical service advisors. For more information please visit www.jetsupport.com.