NATA Spring Training Week Scores Another Victory

Alexandria, VA, March 9, 2012 — The 2012 NATA Spring Training Week at the Cygnus Aviation Expo in Las Vegas started strong on March 5 with increased attendance. The 2012 Spring Training Week lineup included National Air Transportation Association's (NATA) Line Service Supervisor Training, Environmental Compliance, FBO Finance Fundamentals and Safety 1st Trainer seminars. From top-notch training and quality speakers to friendly competition and a fun locale, the 2012 NATA Spring Training Week had something for everyone.

NATA Director of Safety and Training Amy Koranda said, “We covered a lot of bases this year from supervisory and Safety 1st training to environmental compliance and FBO finance fundamentals. Through NATA’s annual events and extensive online programs, we strive to meet the educational and safety training needs of members from the front line to those who aspire to the executive suite.”

Each seminar featured knowledgeable speakers who came to share their unique expertise and industry experience. NATA’s renowned LSST offers a variety of technical, supervisory, coaching, mentoring, leadership skills by talented speakers. NATA’s Safety 1st Trainer gives participants many trainer tools and techniques to be better, happier trainers, not to mention the contented trainees that will result. Attendees from NATA’s FBO Finance Fundamentals seminar come out knowing how to talk intelligently in a management meeting and how to use the numbers in a financial statement to move the business forward. And last, but not least, NATA’s Environmental seminar will indeed ensure your compliance on the varying issues that require your company’s time and attention.

On the morning of March 8, NATA President and CEO James K. Coyne participated in a lively panel discussion at a Cygnus Aviation Expo session on best practices when it comes to negotiating leases between airports and their tenant companies.

"This event has been increasingly successful for NATA and our members and we plan to continue the Spring Training tradition well into the future," added Koranda.

To get participants in the spirit, NATA hosted a “Spring Training Week Prize Drawing” at the NATA registration desk. Congratulations go out to the following MVPs:
Carlos Rodriguez with Meridian in Teterboro, NJ
Shelley Cole with Minot Aero Center

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