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CMI Expands Options for Cirrus Turbo Normalized SR22 with a Factory Turbocharged Engine

February 24, 2012 – (Mobile, AL) – Continental Motors, Inc. (CMI) announces their TSIO-550-N1B, expanding Turbo Normalized Engine Options for Cirrus SR22 aircraft.  Current owners now have the opportunity to enjoy the same powerful turbo performance as a new SR22T aircraft.   “Passing through 12,000 ft. you are still climbing at 1,000 ft. per minute getting you to the flight levels faster than you ever have before,” states Keith Chatten, Director of Product Development and Applications Engineering.  “Flight tests show that the TSIO-550-N1B reaches 25,000 ft in just over 23 minutes and is quieter due to the 200 rpm reduction.  The Climb Rate, Cruise Performance and Fuel Economy are unmatched,” continued Chatten.  


Cruise Performance at 25,000 feet, powered at 85% and 55%



Best Economy @ 85% Power

Best Economy @ 55% Power

Fuel Flow (GPH)



Airspeed (KTAS)




The TSIO-550-N1B gives the pilot the option to choose between Best Power which gives you more speed or Best Economy which gives you more efficiency.   Up to now owners did not have this option.

“We believe Continental Motors has the number one turbo solution for the Cirrus SR22 Aftermarket” states Michael Gifford, Director of Factory Services.  “We built a true turbocharged engine not a turbo for an engine.  When Cirrus customers purchase our TSIO-550-N1B engine, they will receive Factory Engine Warranty and Support, Quieter Operations at 2500 RPM, Performance at Sea Level and a True 315 Horsepower Engine, not to mention Alternative Fuel Compatibility” continued Gifford.


Engine price includes engine, STC and no unlike core fee.  For further details and to price your engine, contact Customer Service at 800.326.0089. 

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