TRACE Towbots

500 TowBots Sold and Counting

MIDLAND, TEXAS (Feb. 22, 2012)- TRACE TowBots L.P. is proud to announce the sale of its 501st TowBot since taking production over from former Tulsa Towbots in 2009.  With 200 TowBots sold at that time, the goal to sell 500 TowBots within a matter of years has well been achieved. 

To help meet and exceed this goal the company hired Ketan Solanki former vice president of Autopilot magazine. Ketan brings knowledge and leadership for expanding TRACE’s reach not only in the USA but worldwide. His vision is “to exceed our goals by branching out to dealers worldwide with this new evolution of towing aircraft. As he puts it, “One person can make a positive difference, and when a team of knowledgeable people work together amazing goals are possible. That’s what makes our TRACE team unique.”

TRACE is also proud to announce their newest participants in their dealer network:

Ronald Johncox of Michigan. Please contact or Tel: [1] (517) 789-8988 Web: 

Jeff Brown of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Please contact or Tel: 307-733-4767 Web:

The TRACE TowBot is the easiest, safest way for single operators to maneuver aircraft in close quarters. The TowBots hybrid zero-turn capability and fully-articulating, self-locking carriage can safely turn aircraft a full 360 degrees without exceeding the aircraft’s nose wheel turn limit. The TowBot operates by remote control to allow safe towing from any vantage point. The patented towing technology eliminates lifting, positioning, electrical cords, fueling and hard starting associated with traditional aircraft towing machinery.  Powerful, silent 24V & 28V DC motors provide smooth starts/stops and virtually maintenance-free performance. Multiple configurations are available to move almost any aircraft, even up to 50,000 lbs.

TRACE plans to further expand their reach in Asia, Europe, South America, Australia and Africa.  For more information in becoming a dealer or buying a TowBot please contact Ketan J. Solanki TowBot sales manager at or 432-618-2687.

TRACE TowBots is owned and operated by TRACE Engines of Midland, Texas, manufacturer of the world’s most powerful and economical V-8 aviation engine.  Its corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Midland, Texas, with representation around the world.  For more information about the TRACE TowBot, visit