Altair appointed to remarket Gulfstream GIV-SP and VVIP Boeing 727

Limassol, February 22nd 2012: Altair has been mandated as exclusive remarketing agent for the sale of a Gulfstream GIV-SP and a VVIP Boeing 727.   “These aircraft are in very good condition and offer outstanding value for money” says Altair Chief Operating Officer, Jean Sémiramoth. “They’re almost as capable as more recent types but available at a fraction of the cost.”


There are many more compelling reasons to buy pre-owned business jet aircraft, as Semiramoth explains: “It is usually quicker to get a pre-owned aircraft into the sky and although it can be time-consuming to go through the pre-buy inspection that should be part of the purchase of any used aircraft, a new airplane can take several years to arrive. A second hand airplane will arrive at its destination at almost the same time as a new model, yet the cost will be significantly lower.


“Buyers of pre-owned aircraft also have a greater choice of service options. To keep from voiding warranties, owners of new aircraft are obliged to use only factory-owned or approved service facilities. But other qualified service providers may be more conveniently located, less expensive, deliver equal service or offer other advantages.

“It is true that buyers of new aircraft can configure them at the factory but today’s enormous choice of aftermarket refurbishment programmes enables buyers of pre-owned jets to upgrade aircraft to like-new condition. So, when you factor in the lower purchase price, this can represent a large saving over getting the same equipment installed in a new airplane.”


Altair offer specialised aircraft remarketing and procurement services supported by a comprehensive understanding of the business jet market across all technical and commercial aspects.

For further details about the Gulfstream GIV-SP and the VVIP Boeing 727 please contact: Jean Sémiramoth on: + 357.9777.9838, or email . Or visit Booth J3002 at the Business Jet Interiors World Expo, Cannes, February 22nd – 23rd 2012.