ST Aerospace Showcases a Suite of Integrated Capabilities at Singapore Airshow 2012

Singapore, 13 February 2012 – ST Aerospace will feature its latest suite of capabilities at the Singapore Airshow 2012, playing host to customers from across the globe.  Centering on its role as a leading global integrated service provider, ST Aerospace will showcase a repertoire of integrated maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), and customised engineering solutions by competency clusters.

Integrated Airframe, Component and Engine MRO Solutions
A leading MRO specialist, ST Aerospace leverages its global MRO network and its broad range of airframe, components and engines MRO capabilities to support the world’s leading airlines, airfreight operators and military forces.  From aircraft maintenance and modifications; cabin interiors and aircraft conversions; engine total support and component total support; engineering design and Maintenance-By-the-Hour (MBH™) solutions, ST Aerospace offers a fully customisable maintenance solution of high quality, timeliness and reliability.

ST Aerospace has been a leader in passenger-to-freighter (PTF) conversions and has completed 175 freighter conversions for various aircraft types since 1992.  It will showcase its Boeing 757 PTF and passenger-to-passenger/cargo (combi) conversion capabilities.

ST Aerospace will also be launching a new VIP aircraft interior completion brand – AERIA Luxury Interiors – with the formation of a new team of core executives to chart the growth of this new business area.  Featuring the newly acquired VIP and airline interior design and engineering capability, it will showcase 3D aircraft interior renderings for various VIP and passenger airline configurations on both narrowbody and widebody aircraft types.

C130/L382 Centre of Excellence
ST Aerospace provides one stop integrated MRO and customised engineering solutions for the C130/L382 operators.  Amongst its capabilities is the modernisation solution which resolves equipment obsolescence and allows seamless operations between civilian and military air space.  Through interactive demonstrations and animation videos, ST Aerospace will showcase a wide range of customisable engineering and design solutions, which includes the process of modernisation from design through testing.

Indigenous Unmanned Air Systems Solutions
Extending beyond MRO, ST Aerospace has designed and developed a series of innovative and indigenous unmanned air systems targeted for the civilian and military market.  The Skyblade 360 – the latest development for its families of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solutions with the Singapore-based DSO National Laboratories (DSO) – will be unveiled at this exhibition.

Also on display is the innovative Next Generation Control Station (NGCS) which showcases a single, common control station platform for multiple types of UAV.

Customised Training Solutions for Every Training Need
ST Aerospace offers a complete training solution that is customised for every different customer need.  From commercial and military pilot training services to technical training courses, ST Aerospace delivers an enhanced learning experience with well qualified instructors, comprehensive facilities and the use of training simulators.

A forerunner in Singapore’s Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL) programme, ST Aerospace has successfully completed the programme for Tiger Airways and with endorsement from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore.  ST Aerospace’s MPL curriculum stands out by introducing cadet pilots to the Airbus A320 simulator environment right from the start of phase two training, maximising cadets’ learning time in the cockpit environment.  The syllabus also introduces the Airbus A320 cockpit to cadets progressively, allowing them to fully master the principles and practical handling of aircraft systems before Line Oriented Flight Training.

Offering Premium Air Charter Services
From VIP charter and air ambulance to flight calibration and target towing, ST Aerospace’s fleet of executive jets offers a wide range of customisable solutions, complete with high standards of comfort, reliability and security.

ST Aerospace (Singapore Technologies Aerospace Ltd) is the aerospace arm of ST Engineering.  Operating a global MRO network with facilities and affiliates in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, it is the world’s largest aircraft MRO provider with a global customer base that includes leading airlines, airfreight and military operators.  ST Aerospace is an integrated service provider that offers a spectrum of maintenance and engineering services that include airframe, engine and component maintenance, repair and overhaul; engineering design and technical services; and aviation materials and management services, including Total Aviation Support.  ST Aerospace has a global staff strength of more than 8,000 engineers and technical specialists.  Please visit