AUVSI Urges Congress to Consider Advantages of Unmanned Systems while Reviewing 2013 Defense Budget

As the Obama Administration prepares to release its fiscal 2013 defense budget, the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) applauds the commitment to maintain and increase the use of unmanned systems and urges Congress to carefully consider the advantages provided by the technology.

"As Congress begins work on the budget, we urge lawmakers to consider the unique value proposition that unmanned systems bring to the table," says AUVSI President & CEO Michael Toscano. "In many cases they can extend the warfighter's reach and provide invaluable situational awareness."

The Strategic Defense Review, as described by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, calls for a continued reliance on new technology, including armed and unarmed unmanned systems, as the military increasingly focuses on security in the Asia-Pacific region and strengthens and forges alliances with other nations around the world.

Unmanned systems have proven their operational value in both military and humanitarian operations in the past few years, showing that they excel in tackling dull, dirty, dangerous and difficult missions, often more effectively and inexpensively than manned systems. Secretary Panetta said recently that unmanned systems are one area of investment protected over the next five years, as they are a key element in supporting a more agile force. 

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