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Avtrak Announces 2012 Regional Training and IA Renewal Schedule

Denver, Colorado - January 30, 2012 – Avtrak, the industry’s highest ranked maintenance tracking program provider, announced their regional training and IA renewal schedule for 2012.

Co-hosted by Avtrak and Gulfstream Aerospace, these educational seminars provide attendees with information regarding regulatory trends in aircraft maintenance and compliance as well as an in-depth overview of both the GlobalNet™ and Gulfstream’s CMP.net™ systems. The 2012 schedule features dates and locations throughout the U.S. and Europe and qualify towards an IA renewal for those holding an FAA-issued Inspection Authorization. To learn more about Avtrak’s Regional Training Seminars or to register for the event, contact Val Ast in Avtrak Customer Service at +1 (303) 615-7189 or vast@avtrak.com.


Avtrak Regional Training Seminar Schedule  

United States

Ft. Lauderdale FL        February 16  

Dallas, TX                   March 20

White Plains, NY         April 19

Wichita, KS                 June 21

Dayton, OH                 August 23

Burbank, CA               October 18


Vienna, Austria            March 13

Zurich, Switzerland      March 15

Lisbon, Portugal           May 9

Madrid, Spain              May 11

Luton, England            July 17

Sao Paulo, Brazil         August 17

Avtrak is the industry’s highest ranked maintenance tracking program provider, offering aviation compliance services for virtually all makes and models of business aircraft including jets, turboprops and helicopters. Established in 1996, the company pioneered cloud-based maintenance tracking systems and continues to lead the industry through innovation, expertise and world-class customer service. Avtrak serves customers worldwide and provides the technology behind Gulfstream’s CMP.net™ systems. For more information, visit http://www.avtrak.com/.