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Measuring the Effectiveness of Video Surveillance




January 26, 2012 - 1PM ET

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Cisco, & Secured Cities



As you deploy crime cameras, whether as part of a city-owned municipal surveillance program, or as part of a corporate security effort, one lingering question remains: How effective are these cameras? It’s a question that the Dallas Police Department, under the eye of Deputy Chief Brian Harvey, has had to answer for its own deployment. Through a regular analysis that ties together camera usage with incidents, arrests, and investigation requests, the department addresses the value proposition of a technology and monitoring investment for municipal video surveillance. 

As part of the program, we will attempt to answer these questions:

1 Is crime displaced or reduced?
2. How do you link incident mapping with camera locations for effectiveness?
3. What are the crime metrics that can be linked to video deployments?
4. How does live monitoring vs. record-only affect the system’s value?
5. How does your city’s C-level team (mayors, chiefs, managers) measure value of a video project?
6. How and when should you perform regular system audits?
7. How do you respond to regular audits of the system?
8.What are the costs metrics that you can track to study the system?

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