Take Control of Your Airport Maintenance with a CMMS

Challenged by the increasing complexity of airport maintenance management?

The increased efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance operations, as well as the reduction in repair, labor, and energy costs make adding a CMMS to your airport maintenance team an easy decision.

How do you choose which CMMS is right for you?

Spokane International Airport looked at numerous CMMS providers before selecting Eagle Technology’s Proteus software. A key factor in their decision was Proteus’ seamless integration with their building management system from Johnson Controls, Inc. According to Ken Landrus, the Spokane Airport Maintenance Superintendent, Proteus is “straight-forward and extremely user-friendly.” Eagle’s on-site training at their facility, and the ongoing service and support were also key factors in choosing Eagle’s Proteus system.

Tracking both preventive and demand maintenance tasks has resulted in improved labor efficiencies, reduced operating costs, and increased equipment life. Since the installation of Proteus, the maintenance team at Spokane International airport is working more efficiently, and smarter. “It is a better busy,” reports Ken Landrus. “More things are planned and we are not blindsided by surprising events or demand maintenance that needs to be done. It allows for a more calming and pleasant workforce.”

Eagle Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of CMMS and EAM solutions for airports worldwide. Eagle’s powerful Proteus software can help you lower costs, reduce capital expenditures, and improve asset performance and longevity.

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