Upgrade and Update Your Rotax Engine Training

Sebring, FLORIDA / January 3, 2012 — Are you planning to attend the Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo this year (running January 19-22)? Are you an Airframe & Powerplant mechanic? Are you a Rotax Repairman? Are you a Light-Sport Aircraft owner who wants the latest info about your Rotax engine?

If you answer positively to any of these questions, Aero Technical Institute wants to advise you of training class availability just before the Sebring LSA Expo that starts later this month. Even if you are not attending Sebring’s LSA Expo, Aero Technical Institute (ATI) offers classes throughout the year.

The Aero Technical Institute’s Director and Rotax expert, Dean Vogel, advised, “More than 80% of the aircraft in the Light-Sport Aircraft category are using the Rotax power plants.” He noted they still have class slots open for the days leading up to the Sebring LSA Expo.


• Class #1 Service Training ($495) — Offered January 13th and 14th — Covers the engine systems, operational issues, routine service, and inspections, including the condition inspection (100 hour or annual). It is intended for the Light Sport operator/owner and as an introductory course for homebuilders and licensed maintainers. Each course is a prerequisite for the one that follows.

• Class #2 Maintenance ($495) — Offered January 16th and 17th — Continues deeper into engine systems and installation issues, troubleshooting and major component disassembly. It is intended for homebuilders and licensed maintainers. Each course is a prerequisite for the one that follows.

• Class #3 Heavy Maintenance ($695) — Continues covering engine disassembly of all components, except splitting the case, and goes into the repair of the major engine components. This course is intended for maintainers who will be setting up or working in a heavy maintenance repair center. A minimum experience level is also required for the Heavy Maintenance level of training.

• Class for 2-stroke Rotax engines — A class is scheduled for the two days immediately after the Expo (23rd and 24th).

“We like to schedule these classes close to airshows like Sport Aviation Expo and Sun ‘n Fun,” observed Vogel. “Many customers have no problem with the cost of the class, but when the cost of transportation is added, they struggle with a decision. Planning our classes close to shows that customers are attending anyway makes it much easier for operators and maintainers to afford.”

To learn more about Lockwood’s Aero Training Institute, visit their headquarters at the Sebring, Florida airport; call 863-655-5100; or send e-mail to lockwood@digital.net.


Aero Technical Institute (ATI) specializes in Rotax Aircraft Engine Maintenance Training. ATI is associated with Lockwood Aviation Supply in Sebring, Florida, a company that has been specializing in Rotax aircraft engines for over 25 years and is the leading Service Center for the 9-series engines in the United States. ATI was formed to take the hard-earned wisdom from those years of experience and provide it to Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) mechanics; LSA Repairmen, and owners of Rotax-powered aircraft. Classes are offered to suit any prior expertise: A&Ps serving the growing Light Sport community; Light Sport Repairman with the Maintenance endorsement; or, owners/renters of an aircraft which is powered by a Rotax engine