Armbrust Aviation Group and Boyd International Partner To Grow Aviation In Asia

January 3, 2012, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida... The Armbrust Aviation Group (AAG) and Boyd Group International have formed an alliance to jointly analyze and forecast aviation growth in Asia for its global clients.


AAG has a 25 year history of being the preeminent expert and voice for the aviation fuel industry, while Boyd’s consulting and research group is a leading recognized expert in aviation forecasts and trends for the past 25 years. Combined, the companies will focus on the dynamic aviation growth occurring in Asia that promises to dominate the industry for decades to come. Clients of AAG and Boyd will receive a unique perspective and understanding of Asian aviation that will lead them to more informed decisions regarding the opportunities and challenges in the Asian marketplace.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Boyd Group International in advising our global clients on the aviation business in Asia. The region is the fastest growing in the world and understanding the complexities associated with that growth is vital to every company doing business in the region. Michael Boyd and his group bring a keen understanding of the drivers that impact aviation globally and more importantly the distinctive aspects of the Asian marketplace.” said John H. Armbrust, President of AAG.

“The emergence of China in the global economy represents opportunities on both sides of the Pacific,” noted Michael Boyd, President of Boyd Group International. “Chinese companies are expanding – particularly in North America - and this alliance and the April Conference in Beijing provides a forum for US aviation firms, suppliers, and financial institutions to explore these new business horizons.”


AAG and Boyd clients will receive exclusive forecasts and confidential reports that will help companies comprehend the issues that will impact growth in Asian aviation. Importantly, clients will enjoy proprietary access to key decision makers in the Asia Pacific region allowing them to gauge the pace of growth and make critical decisions across the broad spectrum of aviation throughout the region and the world.

Highlighting the alliance, AAG and Boyd are pleased to announce that delegates attending the China International Aviation Fuel Conference & Exhibition in Beijing April 4-6, 2012 will have the opportunity to take part in the AAG and Boyd special sessions below:

Asia and China Economic Expansion Sessions – Impact on Global Aviation

The Path-Finding Sessions will define the scope and range of new aviation business opportunities across the globe, resulting from the emergence of China as a global economic power. Critical to the discussion will be the aviation business opportunities within traffic to and from the Middle Kingdom, as well as an exploration of the opportunities being created throughout the globe by the expansion of Chinese industry, finance and business.


Areas explored in these Path-Finding Sessions are designed for companies, suppliers, and airports that want to do business in China, or – just as importantly - want to build relationships with Chinese companies doing business across the world. In addition, the sessions will include many representatives from countries throughout Asia that are experiencing double-digit growth in aviation.  


The sessions will assist attendees in focusing their objectives, and will cover the emerging role of Chinese firms in shaping the direction of global aviation trends, and forecasts of the role that the Chinese economy will play across the world, particularly in the Americas and the E.U. These sessions will be a must-attend for any aviation-related companies – airlines, airports, suppliers, financial institutions – who want a better understanding of the fundamental changes that China will drive in aviation in the next decade.

Finally, the drivers predicating and influencing the demand for fuel; the impact of structural changes occurring in global aviation and energy; and how the future Asian-centric global economy will cause major changes in trade and traffic flows will be discussed. Accurately forecasting these trends and pinpointing the ensuing economic shifts will be essential to survival.

For more information please visit Armbrust Aviation Group website and Boyd Group International website or contact Ms. Barb Moreno, Conference Manager at or by telephone at 561.477.3417 ext. 123 and Keith Carter, International Director at or by telephone at +44 7767 641181 and for the Boyd Group International contact Marian H. Boyd, COO at or by telephone at (303) 674-2000.

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