FAA Renews JDA Aviation Certification Consultant Agreement

Bethesda, MD –The Federal Aviation Administration has renewed its Part 121 Certification Consultant Agreement with JDA Aviation Technology Solutions, extending through December 2013 its recognition of JDA as a firm qualified to help new entrant carriers obtain Part 121 certification. JDA received its initial Part 121 Consultant Agreement from FAA in October 2005.


As part of the Certification Consultant Agreement renewal process, JDA was required to document its SMS training qualifications and SMS implementation methodology for assisting new Part 121 operators develop and employ SMS as part of their certificate program.


“We had to undergo demanding training and over the years continuous scrutiny by FAA to earn and maintain our initial certification as a qualified consultant, To have that certification extended is  certainly acknowledgement about the high quality of our team of seasoned experts and the successful results of our projects” said JDA President and CEO Joe Del Balzo.


In addition to its team of highly experienced personnel, JDA uses a rigorous proprietary procedure, CertAssure™, to guide applicants through the certification process.  By following the CertAssure™ process, both the carrier seeking Part 121 certification and the agency are assured that all aspects of the certification process have been met. CertAssure™ helps carriers expedite the process while maintaining high quality and cost effectiveness throughout the certification effort.  The CertAssure™ process is also used by JDA to help existing air carriers implement FAA Air Transport Oversight System (ATOS) and Safety Management Systems (SMS) programs.


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About JDA - For more than 15 years, JDA Aviation Technology Solutions has been a leading aviation industry consultant, delivering innovative solutions for aviation client challenges in safety, certification, compliance and airspace analysis.


JDA offers a wide range of certification and operations-related services and products including new carrier certification, system safety-based manual systems, ATOS Conformance Audits, Safety Management Systems, operational safety assessments, safety culture assessments, Virtual Safety Office (VSO), SMSPro™, 135Pro™, ATOSPro™, and airspace analysis and obstruction evaluation,


The company’s client base includes many of the leading aviation and aerospace companies including, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Republic Airlines, Piedmont Airlines, Sentient Flight Group, Frontier Airlines/Lynx Aviation, CJ Systems Aviation, Sundance Helicopters, Olympus Aviation LLC, Charles E. Smith Inc. and Nevada Development Corporation. JDA also represents ESCO, which manufactures and installs the Engineered Material Arrestor System (EMAS), the FAA certified breakaway-concrete surface installed at the end of runways to provide overrun protection.   


For additional information on JDA Aviation Technology Solutions and CertAssure™ visit JDA’s website at www.jdasolutions.aero or call 301-941-1460 to arrange for a private briefing.