CubCrafters Expanding Facilities and Workforce

December 22, 2011. Yakima, Washington based light aircraft designer and manufacturer CubCrafters has announced a major expansion of their FAA certified manufacturing facility, adding 15,000 square feet by leasing a building near the Yakima airport.

The new facility became fully operational December 18th.

Located less than a mile from CubCrafters’ existing 25,000 square foot headquarters and main manufacturing facility, the newly occupied building houses a weld shop and Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine shop. The move frees up space at the main facility for a research and development department, a delivery hanger and an updated, centralized and expanded parts department.

“It’s extremely gratifying to announce this expansion,” says CubCrafters General Manager Randy Lervold. “With our business on a steady pathway of growth, this additional space will improve manufacturing efficiencies and more effectively serve our customers.”

“We’ve needed to do this for a long time” added CubCrafters Owner Jim Richmond, “Our planes are selling well, and if we get even a little help from the economy, we will need to increase our production rate. This will also let us create a dedicated R&D department for the development of future products.”

The expansion also creates job opportunities. Openings in several departments have been posted and can be reviewed at the CAREERS page.


CubCrafters is located in Yakima, Washington and was founded in 1980 by current owner Jim Richmond. In 2007, CubCrafters was issued a FAA Production Certificate and is currently the only aircraft manufacturer in the nation to produce both standard category and light sport category aircraft under an FAA-approved quality assurance program. CubCrafters' roots are in the 60-year history of classic "taildragger" aviation, but its products and services are clearly at the leading edge of technology, utilizing CAD-based design and engineering, CNC tooling and fabrication, lean-manufacturing, and award-winning tube and fabric aircraft restoration.

CubCrafters offers three all new, ready-to-fly aircraft: The SPORT CUB S2 is a thoroughly updated redesign of the classic airplane that inspired the light sport category. The CARBON CUB SS is a stronger and more powerful version of the S2, with 180 horsepower available for take-off and climb, making it the most powerful LSA aircraft in production. The TOP CUB boasts a useful load of over 1000 pounds, making it among the most capable two-place personal and utility aircraft available. CubCrafters also offers the CARBON CUB EX, the lightest, most complete and best engineered Cub kit available.