U-Fuel reveals 'FBO in a Box'

U-Fuel, a leading supplier of fuel stations to the aviation industry and sponsor of the Aviation Fuel Club (www.aviationfuelclub.org), announced its revolutionary “FBO in a Box” concept, aimed at dramatically lowering the cost to operate small airports.


The facility consists of a strong, weatherproof steel enclosure that contains a self-service station for autogas, avgas and/ or Jet-A and an air-conditioned FBO with restroom, small meeting room, telephone, wireless Internet, vending for food, beverages, aviation items and engine oil. Access to the facility and fuel station is secured via cards or RFID devices.


The system is designed to operate on low capacity120 VAC or from solar or wind power. Maintenance involves daily visits to sump the tanks, check equipment, clean and restock supplies in the pilot's “lounge”. The roof of the facility can double as an observation deck for visitors.


This new, recently-patented concept is an extension of U-Fuel’s market-leading self-service fueling technology, made possible by experience gained from installing systems in remote locations around the world. Lower operating costs improve an airport's bottom line, lower the cost of flying, and help general aviation. Kent Misegades, aviation sales representative for U-Fuel, stated that “All U-Fuel systems are pre-engineered and pre-fabricated, resulting in the lowest possible costs for acquisition, shipping, installation, permitting and operation. They therefore provide our customers a strong positive cash flow justifying private financing.


Our new 'FBO in a Box' concept is the ideal solution for small airports lacking basic services, or for existing FBOs wanting to reduce cost of being open extended hours.”