A J Walter Aviation Opens New Aviation Financing HQ in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, November 21, 2011: In a move designed to position the Company’s financial services capabilities in one of the world’s most dynamic investment communities, A J Walter Aviation has chosen Hong Kong for the location of AJW Capital Partners Ltd – its funding arm for the aviation sector.


Ian Malin, Treasurer & Chief Investment Officer, who is responsible for managing AJW's funding relationships and financial planning for its corporate development explains the strategic importance of Hong Kong: “AJW expects the market for its spares supply and management solutions to continue to grow significantly. Legacy airlines continue to streamline their MRO activities and reduce asset costs while new entrants are free to pursue a leaner, outsourced maintenance model. We are pursuing business opportunities on a global scale and it is inevitable that China, with its exceptional growth potential, commitment to aggressive route expansion, airline development and fleet rationalisation, represents a key opportunity for the business. Asia is becoming increasingly important from an aviation finance perspective and with that comes a strong level of interest from investors seeking access to AJW’s unique transaction pipeline.”


AJW Capital will complement the Company’s established presence in Singapore which has seen significant growth over the past few years. AJW continues to develop its customer service and spares hubs worldwide with a portfolio of pooling, exchange and sales services across all sectors including aircraft engines, components and consumables. AJW's scale is such that it is poised for continued expansion and it is specifically this growth potential that has focused the Company’s attention on Hong Kong. In addition, AJW Capital will develop the group’s financing capabilities, by promoting spare parts leasing solutions and alternative investment structures.


Christopher Whiteside, President, observes: “The business is set on a fast-paced trajectory for growth and our market insight has pinpointed the Far East and Asia/Pacific region as one with a hungry appetite for the innovative and flexible financial solutions that we can bring. We continue to see increasing demand for our wide range of commercial and corporate aviation services and we have firm plans in place to further develop our global presence and product portfolio.”