Alexandria, VA, November 14, 2011— Last week, the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) held an auditor training class on the ACSF Industry Audit Standard (IAS), at the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Training Center in Ashburn, Virginia. The class provided two days of learning and discussion on the audit process, procedures and skill sets necessary to implement and perform effective operational audits using the IAS.

Russ Lawton, ACSF director of safety management was the key presenter for the class, which drew over 20 participants from the on-demand/charter and shared aircraft ownership industries, insurance and audit companies. “It was a very thorough class,” said Donald Hammer, with the Mente Group “I came away with a complete understanding of ACSF and the requirements for their auditors.”

Attendees were provided the opportunity to learn about and tour the reconstructed fuselage of TWA Flight 800, the Boeing 747 that exploded mid-air and crashed on July 17, 1996, in the Atlantic Ocean after departing John F. Kennedy International Airport. A reconstructed portion of the B-747 fuselage is housed at the NTSB Training Center as an educational tool for accident investigators and aviation safety professionals. The reconstruction is not available to the general public, but may be viewed by attendees as part of the educational experience.

“The presentations were outstanding,” said Ken Wilson, president of Flight Plan, LLC. Within two short days, I had a strong understanding of what's necessary to achieve ACSF's audit standard for Part 135 and 91K Operators. It was great networking with the many aviation professionals also in attendance. I am very impressed with the great work that the ACSF is doing to promote safety in the air charter industry.”

“I’m delighted that we had so many companies not only participate in our ACSF auditor training workshop but become members as well. It truly demonstrates the value they see in our Industry Audit Standard and the Air Charter Safety Foundation,” said Bryan Burns, president of ACSF.

ACSF will hold its next auditor class in conjunction with the February 2012 Air Charter Safety Symposium. To learn more about the auditor class contact Russ Lawton at or Alison McHugh at