Florida's Light Sport Aviation Expo adds more exciting events to the line up

Sebring, FL (November 8, 2011)—The U.S. Sport Aviation Expo at Sebring Regional Airport has an exciting addition to the AvBid Auction and two first-time events for January 19-22, 2012. Saturday AvBid Aircraft Auctions will not only auction airplanes but...

U.S. Sport Aviation Expo

The first Light Sport Expo became a reality in 2004 in cooperation with Sebring Regional Airport. This year will mark the eighth annual U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, FL. Over 180 exhibitors travel from the U.S. and as far away as Africa, China, Romania, New Zealand, Australia, Italy and the Czech Republic to attend this first major aviation event of the year. 30% of attendees come from outside of Florida. The Expo not only brings economic development to the airport and community, but also brings together light sport aircraft leaders, worldwide, to promote their aircraft and associated products to a rapidly growing select group of like-minded professionals in this specialized LSA field. The Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo has become a must-go-to event for light sport aviation enthusiasts and there is no other show like it in the United States.

About Sebring Regional Airport

Sebring Regional Airport (SRA), celebrating its 70th anniversary, is a 2,000-acre commerce park and airport. The airport is a designated Foreign Trade Zone offering many tax benefits and is home to Sebring International Raceway. SRA has successfully hosted the US Sport Aviation Expo for the past seven years. 


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