Million Air Meets Winner of its Custom Harley Davidson Motorcycle

HOUSTON, TX. – William Gold, an Avant Air charter pilot from Florida, was this year’s winner of Million Air’s Harley Davidson motorcycle drawn at this year’s National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention in Las Vegas. Each year, Million Air gives away a custom painted Harley Davidson to customers who enter the annual drawing by flying into any one of the 29 Million Air locations during a set period of time.

Every year, Million Air chooses a theme for the unique custom artwork and this year’s theme features an “inked” aviation design with the giveaway’s tagline of “Live to Fly”. All the artwork is original and was painted by a locally recognized artist, Verrick Falcon, from Houston, Texas. “I went for an inked look throughout the bike to give it some attitude,” said Mr. Falcon. “Every year I design the artwork knowing it has to appeal to both pilots and CEOs alike. I kept thinking to myself, no matter who sits on this bike, I want them to look ‘bad-ass’ because that’s where the two genres of enthusiasts really meet, sitting on their Million Air motorcycles.”

Mr. Gold was not present at NBAA when his name was called, however he was surprised when Million Air’s Chief Executive Officer, Roger Woolsey, called to tell him that he won the bike. “I only filled out one entry form, only after the customer service professional encouraged me too, so I thought nothing of it,” explained Mr. Gold. “I have had other motorcycles before, but never a Harley Davidson and never one with custom paint!”

“There’s a really interesting tie between aviation and Harley Davidson, it was founded the same year that the Wright brothers took their first flight,” said Mr. Woolsey. “Every pilot should have a Harley Davidson and every pilot needs to enter in our drawing next year!”