Boeing Sikorsky Aircraft Support Selects PENTAGON 2000SQL

New York, NY -- Boeing Sikorsky Aircraft Support (BSAS), a joint venture of the Boeing Company and the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation has begun implementation of the PENTAGON 2000SQL software solution at its main facility at Fort Campbell, KY. BSAS will use PENTAGON 2000SQL for fully-integrated logistics management of all replacement part and accessory repair and overhaul services that BSAS provides to the U.S. Army's 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment at Fort Campbell and elsewhere.

BSAS chose PENTAGON 2000SQL after a multi-year survey of general and aviation-specific software solutions. BSAS determined that PENTAGON 2000SQL provided the broadest range of functionality to reliably and economically meet its unique requirements. Of importance to BSAS in choosing PENTAGON 2000SQL, has been PENTAGON 2000 Software Inc.'s repeated demonstration of its ability to provide all the implementation support services necessary for successful implementation of BSAS's new enterprise-wide solution.

The range of services provided under this program include closed loop supply support, provisioning, field service representatives, logistic planning, warehouse operation, training, publication updates and engineering assistance.

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