Micro-Surface Finishing Products offers Website Discounts.

From now until the end of May, order from the company's website and save 15 percent on restoral kits.

Wilton, IA -- Micro-Surface Finishing Products Inc. announces that from now until the end of May, restoral kit orders placed on their website (www.micro-surface.com) will receive a 15 percent discount.

Micro-Surface offers a wide selection of kits and components to fit your specific application. Some kits are made to be used by hand while others are made to be used with power tools. Micro-Mesh is the company's cushioned abrasive with polishing properties conventional abrasives do not have and is very long-lasting. Micro-Mesh can be used to remove crazing, scratches, and haze from acrylic and polycarbonate transparencies, for polishing leading edges, for polishing urethane coatings, paint, varnish, and more.

Fore more information, or to take advantage of this limited-time promotion, go to (www.micro-surface.com).

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