Avantair Donating Aircraft, Crew for Katrina Relief Flights

Caldwell, N.J., – Fractional provider Avantair is donating the use of one of its Piaggio Avanti aircraft to fly relief aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina. In the first of what is expected to be multiple missions, Avantair pilots Gary Kolhof and Bob Andrea today flew clothing and water from Avantair’s St. Petersburg, Fl. location to Lafayette, La. Subsequent flights will likely transport medical personnel and additional supplies.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the devastation of this terrible tragedy. As a company we are committed to doing whatever we can to help in the relief effort," said Avantair President and CEO Steven Santo. Avantair normally uses the aircraft for pilot training.

The Piaggio Avanti is well-suited for these types of missions because of its unique capability to carry significant payloads in its cabin and land on short runways. For more on Avantair, visit www.avantair.com.