Charles Taylor Biography Available for Purchase through AMTA

Ken MacTiernan, director of the Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association (AMTA) announces that 22 copies of the book Charles E. Taylor: The Wright Brothers Mechanician are available for purchase through the AMTA website. These books have been autographed by Howard DuFour, author of the book and a huge promoter of Charles Taylor's accomplishments towards aviation.

This book documents the life of the man recognized as the first aircraft mechanic. The book not only covers Taylor's professional accomplishments, it also documents much of his personal life. From Taylor's design of the engine for the Wright flyer to his days as C.P. Rodgers mechanic on the first U.S. transcontinental flight to his later days, this book thouroughly documents the life of Taylor and is a must-read for aircraft mechanics and aviation enthusiasts alike.

Proceeds from this book sale will go towards the purchase of a bust of Charles Taylor that the AMTA will donate to the San Diego Aerospace Museum.

Books are available for $25.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling. For information on how to purchase the book, e-mail Ken at

Copies of the Charles Taylor book that are autographed by Charle's great grandson Charles Taylor II are also available through the AMTA website for $30.00.

For those that don't wish to purchase the book but would like to make a contribution to this fundraising effort, donations can be made through the AMTA website as well.