NBAA: Signature Plating to Unveil New Finish

Signature Plating, a full-service plating company, will unveil its brand new, state-of-the-art finish, “Funnel” at this year’s NBAA show. The latest finish by Signature Plating is characterized by various small spiral effects in the overall plated finish.

Funnel finish is an ideal accent on such items as seat belts, ash trays, and sinks. The spiral effect completes the interior design with a modern distinctive style.

Signature Plating and Aircraft Belts Inc. named the new finish in conjunction with their strategic partnership. The Air Funnel program allows consumers to streamline plating and restraint services, enabling customers to experience more efficient turnaround times while adhering to FAA regulations and maintaining the utmost safety.

"We met with many different designers in the industry to find out exactly what their customers are looking for in terms of plating," said Signature Plating President Larry Donoho. "After much research we realized that while many customers prefer more conventional subdued finishes, there is still a large number of customers wanting something flashy and out of the ordinary. That is exactly what this new finish provides."

Signature Plating also offers an entire aircraft completion in the funnel finish, and is already completing orders. Signature Plating will have the funnel finish as well as a black funnel sink on display at its booth, #3816 at NBAA.

A full-service plating facility, Signature Plating is dedicated to producing the highest quality products with rapid turn times in the aviation industry. If it can be plated, rest assured that Signature can do it -- and do it well. For more information, call 866.658.5599 or visit