Gulfstream Service Centers to Receive FAA Diamond Awards for Maintenance Training

Savannah, GA -- All six Gulfstream Aerospace Service Centers have met the criteria required to receive the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) distinguished Diamond Certificate of Excellence for 2005. Gulfstream’s six Service Centers are located in Long Beach, Calif.; Dallas, Appleton, Wis.; Savannah, Ga.; Brunswick, Ga., and in Luton, England.

Also this year, four of the six Gulfstream Service Centers will receive their first gold foil 5-year Airworthiness Aviation Safety Program decal that recognizes a service center’s fifth consecutive year of earning a Diamond award and is affixed to the Diamond Certificate. Gulfstream’s Appleton Service Center, which has earned a Diamond award for the past eight consecutive years, received its gold foil in 2002. Gulfstream’s Luton Service Center opened its doors just two years ago and was the first non-U.S. aircraft service facility ever to receive a Diamond award.

“I am especially proud of our technicians who continually prove they are committed to being the best trained in our industry,” said Larry Flynn, president, product support, Gulfstream. “They really make the connection that as you increase the training hours, the reliability of the work improves, which results in satisfied customers. As a long-time participant of this FAA program, we recognize this program works.”

The Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Diamond Award of Excellence is presented to an aviation service center after 50 percent of its employees qualify for individual awards.

The Diamond Certificate is the highest of five award levels, which are based on the hours of qualifying aircraft maintenance training each member of the Aviation Maintenance workforce received during the year.

The AMT program was established in 1992 to recognize FAA certified aviation mechanics and their employers for participating in extracurricular aviation maintenance training and other continuing education courses. Examples of approved training for the award include: FAA and industry training seminars, on-the-job technical training or college level courses in mathematics, sciences or management related subjects.