Cirrus Delivers SR20 Aircraft to UND Aerospace

Duluth, Minn. (Jan. 13, 2006) Four new CIRRUS SR20 airplanes, bearing tail numbers ending in ND for North Dakota, were delivered recently to the world-renowned John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences at the University of North Dakota collegiate training program, located in Grand Forks. This delivery signifies the launch by UND Aerospace to begin student training in the technologically advanced CIRRUS airplanes.

"This is the beginning of a new phase in our relationship with the University of North Dakota Aerospace program," said John Gauch, Fleet Sales Manager for CIRRUS. "For over three years, UND Aerospace has been our partner in the very successful CIRRUS Customer Transition Training Courses that have already been attended by over 2,500 pilots. This delivery of new SR20 airplanes to UND Aerospace is the natural progression of the long-standing commitment by both organizations to improve aviation safety."

Don Dubuque, Director of Aircraft Acquisition for UND Aerospace, said, "As the factory training provider for CIRRUS over the past three years, UND Aerospace has built upon its long tradition of incorporating the latest technology and the highest standards of safety into its flight training programs. The Cirrus aircraft, with its innovative technology and "Safety Comes Standard" features, will help us meet our training objectives."

The four new technically advanced all-composite design CIRRUS SR20s will initially be used at UND Aerospace for advanced flight training such as for instrument ratings and flight instructor instrument coursework. "We maintain a fleet 112 airplanes and 15 flight training devices, and are always upgrading our fleet – it's really an ongoing process," said UND Aerospace Director of Operations Alan Palmer. "Eventually," added Palmer, "we'll operate an entire fleet of all-glass cockpit technically advanced airplanes and when that occurs we'll also include the primary flight training in the TAA airplanes."

Cirrus CEO and co-founder Alan Klapmeier said, "It’s an honor for us at Cirrus to become a part of the UND Aerospace training program. We value their commitment to safety and for providing a quality flight education program that is among the best in the world."

Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) are a designation under the Federal Aviation Administration’s recent joint program including industry, academia, and the FAA called FITS: the FAA/Industry Training Standards. FITS creates scenario-based training curriculums with the goal of assisting the training of pilots of Technically Advanced Aircraft due to their increased automation and often greater performance capability.

About UND

UND AEROSPACE, which includes the Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences at the University of North Dakota and the UND Aerospace Foundation (UNDAF), is an international leader in collegiate and contract aviation education and training services flying over 110,000 hours per year in over 120 aircraft. UNDAF has facilities in Honolulu, Hawaii with Honolulu Community College; Spokane, Washington with Spokane Falls Community College; Lumberton, North Carolina with Robeson Community College; Phoenix, Arizona with Chandler-Gilbert Community College; Williston, North Dakota with Williston State College; and Crookston, Minnesota, with the University of Minnesota in addition to its home-base in Grand Forks, North Dakota. UNDAF also provides factory training to CIRRUS customers at the CIRRUS factory in Duluth, Minnesota. With more than 2,100 students from throughout the world, the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences is the second largest college at the University of North Dakota. Undergraduate and graduate programs leading to a variety of rewarding careers in aerospace are offered through four different academic departments: aviation, atmospheric sciences, computer science and space studies. The UND Aerospace training complex is the most technologically advanced environment for aerospace education, training and research in the world.


CIRRUS is the recognized global leader in the manufacturing of personal transportation aircraft. Their popular composite airplanes, the SR20 and SR22, incorporate innovative advanced technologies into their design including CAPS - Cirrus Airframe Parachute System. CIRRUS has a direct sales force across North America with international sales centers across Europe, South America, Australasia, South Africa, Mexico, the Caribbean, Russia and China. For additional information on CIRRUS please visit the website at