People News: Cirrus Announces Executive Promotions

Duluth, Minn. (Jan. 19, 2006) In response to the company's rapid global growth, and leadership position within the personal aviation industry, Cirrus Design Corporation announced today David Coleal has been promoted to President and COO. Dale Klapmeier has been promoted to Vice Chairman of the Board.

CIRRUS' new President and COO David Coleal joined Cirrus as Executive Vice President of Manufacturing Operations in 2001 and promoted to COO in 2003. Armed with a unique skill set of manufacturing and process expertise along with admired leadership abilities, Coleal orchestrated CIRRUS' successful production ramp-up and the recruitment and training of over 700 employees at the company's two manufacturing facilities in the US. "I am pleased the Klapmeiers and the Cirrus Board have shown their confidence in me with this promotion," said Coleal.

Prior to joining Cirrus, Coleal held positions at Toyota, Caterpillar and McKinsey. At all his previous positions Coleal focused on bringing Lean Manufacturing and other management techniques to improve the operations of the company. "While "Lean" manufacturing has become an often repeated phrase, in the past 5 years Cirrus has been able to truly embrace these principles. As President, I look forward to continue our work of improving the business processes across the company and our new initiatives."

CIRRUS Co-founder, Dale Klapmeier, held the position of Executive Vice President, now assumes the role of Vice Chairman of the Board. Dale Klapmeier said, "In less than a decade CIRRUS has become an industry leader in aircraft design with our technological advancements for the personal transportation aircraft. We're extremely proud that to date we've delivered over 2,300 new airplanes to customers." Klapmeier said, "Coleal has been an integral piece of the CIRRUS executive team. Alan and I chose David as part of a growth strategy that includes an evolving organization as well as product and services."

CIRRUS co-founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Alan Klapmeier, is known for being passionate and vocal about the importance of growing the personal transportation aircraft industry. With the emergence of CIRRUS as an industry leader, Klapmeier has been called upon to take an increasing role to help guide the industry forward. Klapmeier views these changes within CIRRUS as a very important step for the company stating, "Critical to the growth of CIRRUS, is the growth of the industry," and called the new executive changes a reflection of CIRRUS' commitment to the future of the industry. "CIRRUS brought on and has grown an extremely capable and well-seasoned executive staff." Klapmeier added, "The moves reflect a natural progression for the expansion of the company."

The promotions clearly combine the passion and vision for aviation by the Klapmeiers with the knowledge of process and business system development of Coleal into a world-class organization. "The CIRRUS SR22 continues to be the world’s best selling airplane," said Coleal, "I look forward to making sure that continues."


CIRRUS is a recognized global leader in the manufacturing of personal aviation aircraft that provide unprecedented levels of performance, quality and safety. Their popular SR20 and SR22 composite airplanes incorporate innovative advanced technologies into their design, including the unique CIRRUS Airframe Parachute System (CAPS™). CIRRUS has a direct sales force in North America with sales centers across South America, Europe, China, Australasia, South Africa, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Russia. For additional information on CIRRUS and its products please visit: