M7 Aerospace Repair Stations Receives EASA Approval

M7 Aerospace has received European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part 145 Certification for both of its FAA-certified repair stations

In its Aircraft Parts and Product Support business, M7 Aerospace supports the worldwide fleet of Fairchild Metro- and Merlin-series aircraft. M7 holds the type certificate for these airplanes and aggressively performs its role as the Original Equipment Manufacturer. It also builds parts for Metros and Merlins in its Aerostructures Manufacturing operation.

M7 Aerospace's fifth core business is M7 Visual Intelligence (VI). It specializes in remote sensing and surveillance, including ultra-high resolution digitally collected and processed true-color imaging, near-infra-red imaging and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging).

VI's combination of the imaging and LiDAR generates photomaps that are sub-meter accurate in latitude and longitude, and better than 15-cm accurate in elevation.

Major applications of VI's technology include forestry, environmental studies, engineering, pipeline planning, construction, city planning and flood control studies. VI also markets its patented high-resolution color camera systems to the public and private sectors for mapping and reconnaissance applications, and provides automated image processing.

M7 Aerospace is based on the international airport in San Antonio, Texas. The company is located in a 426,000 sq. ft. factory complex formerly occupied by Fairchild Aircraft. M7 acquired the assets of Fairchild Aircraft in December 2002 and began operations under its own name on April 1, 2003.

M7 began with approximately 175 employees two years ago, including 116 in San Antonio. Today, the company now employs nearly 600 people worldwide and more than 350 in San Antonio.

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