Turbomeca Approves ACES Systems’ Viper 4040 Analyzer

Turbomeca has issued a Service Information Letter (SIL) approving the ACES Systems' Viper 4040 Analyzer to perform vibration analysis on the ARRIEL 2B engine. In compliance with the Turbomeca Engine Maintenance Manuals for the ARRIEL 2B, service centers can now use the Viper 4040 to collect tracked vibration data on the engine.

The dependable Viper 4040 may be used in test cells or on wing to perform (among other functions) filtered processing of the vibration signal from the NG (gas generator) and NTL (power turbine) within a frequency band (80-1000 Hz). It processes the signal from the vibration sensor for NG, NTL and global level 1st orders.

The results are displayed in real time as a digital numerical form on the analyzer screen, and are then saved in the system's memory. The data can be displayed as graphs on the analyzer and exported over a serial or USB link to a PC for processing using spreadsheet or AvTrend database software. Data can then be saved on the PC or emailed to remote locations or to Turbomeca for detailed analysis.

The powerful Turbomeca ARRIEL 2B turboshaft engine with its up-to-date technology is better served and maintained with the exceptional reliability and efficiency of the ACES Systems' Viper 4040. Optimal savings in time and resources are Turbomeca goals for the 2B engine. Those goals are more easily attained with the selection and approval of the Viper 4040.

The ACES Systems' Viper 4040 offers an economy of operation realized with the other functions of the versatile analyzer including Tail Rotor Balance and Main Rotor Track and Balance. This aviation diagnostic instrument is used worldwide to perform propeller/rotor/fan balancing, high end engine vibration analysis, acoustic monitoring, and performance monitoring.

ACES Systems' analyzers are now in use by major Airlines, Regional Airlines, Corporate Aircraft and Helicopter Service Centers, Airframe and Engine OEMs, Engine Overhaul Facilities, FBO and private operators around the world.

ACES Systems/TEC Aviation Division is located in Knoxville, Tennessee USA. For more information on the ACES Systems' Viper Model 4040 Analyzer, call (865) 671-2003, visit www.acessystems.com.