Sun N Fun: Cirrus Introduces Cool New Environmental System

Lakeland, Florida (April 4, 2006) Today, at the Sun N Fun Fly-In, Cirrus Design Corp. announced that the world's best selling CIRRUS SR22 now has a "COOL" new production line integrated Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. The popular SR Series aircraft are now designed to make customers even more comfortable with a new and improved air distribution and temperature regulation throughout the cabin.

CIRRUS CEO Alan Klapmeier stated that, "We are excited to offer air-conditioning as original equipment for the CIRRUS SR22. Now our customers can take advantage of this high-value option at a lower price than an aftermarket installation. This announcement demonstrates CIRRUS' tradition of commitment to not only advanced technologies but also, the best value in the industry."

John M. Bingham, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at CIRRUS stated having the "COOL" new HVAC system for the SR22 will help broaden the sales appeal of the aircraft. "North American markets as well as many of our key export markets will benefit from our new product enhancement for the SR22."

Enviro makes the Vapor Cycle Air Conditioning System (VCS), and President Craig Froelich commented, "Enviro is very pleased to have been selected by CIRRUS to provide the VCS for the SR22 aircraft. CIRRUS is clearly the leader in this market segment due to the aircraft's performance, comfort, safety and value." CIRRUS offers the air-conditioning system for a reasonable $19,990.

In addition to the new air-conditioning option for the SR22, CIRRUS also offers a new fan-driven ventilation system for all SR Series aircraft, which circulates ambient or heated air throughout the cabin. The fan may be operated in ground and flight modes and is available for $4,850.

CIRRUS has redesigned the environmental controls for easier pilot interface. Functioning like automotive climate controls, the new CIRRUS HVAC and fan systems allows pilots or passengers to select from a variety of comfort zones including face, face and feet, defrost or a combination of these.

"As demand for CIRRUS aircraft grows, so does the level of customer expectation. We will continue to meet and exceed these by maintaining our mission to provide our customers the best value on the market today; in a more safe, comfortable and easier to fly aircraft," Klapmeier concluded.

CIRRUS is a recognized global leader in the manufacturing of personal aviation aircraft that provide unprecedented levels of performance, quality and safety. The popular SR20 and SR22 composite airplanes incorporate innovative advanced technologies into the design, including the unique CIRRUS Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). CIRRUS has a direct sales force in North America with sales centers across South America, Europe, China, Australasia, South Africa, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Russia. For additional information on CIRRUS and its products, please visit: