JSSI and Adam Aircraft Announce Exclusive A500 and A700 Tip-to-Tail Coverage

Tip-to-Tail hourly maintenance cost guarantee programs developed exclusively for the new Adam A500 twin-engine piston and A700 AdamJet aircraft.

Englewood, CO -- JSSI (Jet Support Services, Inc.) and Adam Aircraft introduce Tip-to-Tail hourly maintenance cost guarantee programs developed exclusively for the new Adam A500 twin-engine piston and A700 AdamJet aircraft.

This program launch marks the entry into the VLJ (Very Light Jet) market for JSSI and the first hourly maintenance program to include complete airframe and engine coverage for a twin-engine piston aircraft.

"This is a milestone for us at JSSI. We worked extensively with the Adam Aircraft customer support team to put this together," commented John F. Haskins, President and Chief Executive Officer for JSSI. "We knew our hourly cost programs could be effective over a wide spectrum of aircraft. Now these owners can expand on their warranty coverage and benefit from our excellent technical support as well as having predictable maintenance costs year after year."

Adam Aircraft A500 and A700 buyers can now include Tip-to-Tail coverage at preferred rates for three or five year terms when they purchase the aircraft.

"The fixed-cost maintenance program offered by JSSI will stabilize the direct operating cost for owners of new A500 and the A700 aircraft, and ensure a high rate of dispatch reliability", said Kay Ardalan, Adam Aircraft Vice President, Customer Support. "This program also features a computerized maintenance tracking program that will augment the Maintainability and Reliability analysis of our fleet and enable better planning of support elements."

The exclusive A500 Tip-to-Tail program will cover the airframe and the Teledyne Continental Motors TSIO-550-E Continental engine and accessories. The A700 AdamJet program will cover the entire airframe and accessories. Some key maintenance items included in both programs are:

  • Scheduled maintenance, parts and labor
  • Unscheduled maintenance, parts and labor
  • Life limited components
  • Removal and reinstallation
  • Loaner components (including avionics)
  • Service Bulletins
  • Airworthiness Directives
  • Troubleshooting
  • On-site JSSI technical representation

The benefits of the Tip-to-Tail Program for Adam Aircraft owners and operators include:

  • Elimination of financial risk for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events
  • Continued control over their maintenance operation and expenses
  • Ability to transfer their Tip-to-Tail equity to future enrolled aircraft
  • Opportunity to realize an increase in their aircraft's residual value
  • Reimbursement for in-house maintenance labor and parts expenses
  • Opportunity to be reimbursed for some of the funds paid into the
  • Tip-to-Tail Program through the JSSI/VEST plan

Founded in 1989, JSSI provides customers with comprehensive, flexible and affordable financial tools for managing the often unpredictable costs of operating and maintaining nearly all types of turbine-powered aircraft, including jets, turbo-props and turbine powered helicopters. The only independent hourly cost maintenance provider, JSSI serves customers globally and manages maintenance services through its network of technical advisors stationed worldwide. For more information about JSSI, visit the company's web site at www.askjssi.com.

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