American Airlines 767 Engine Failure

These are photos of the American Airlines 767 engine failure last week sent to us by a reader.

The 767 was undergoing a high-power run when the #1 engine had a HPT failure. The HPT let go and ended up puncturing the left wing, #1 engine, and peppered the fuselage. The L/H wing punctures went through to the fuel cells and caused an aircraft fire to erupt. One section of the turbine disk exited the engine and sliced through the air conditioning bay, lodging itself in the outboard side of the #2 engine. Two days later, another 18 inch piece of the turbine was found about half a mile from the site of the explosion.

Witnesses say the turbine failure sounded like a loud explosion that could be heard throughout the airport.

The three mechanics performing the run escaped serious injury.

The NTSB is investigating the incident.