Gulfstream Introduces Enhancements to CMP.NET

Savannah , GA -- Gulfstream Aerospace is introducing three new enhancements to CMP.netâ„¢, the business-jet manufacturer's computerized aircraft maintenance tracking program. The new Work Order Module, Inventory Purchase Order Module and Smart Cards, which are designed to facilitate, capture and report day-to-day aircraft maintenance activities, is now available to users.

"More than 40 years ago, Gulfstream was the first business-jet manufacturer to offer a maintenance tracking system," Larry Flynn, president of Gulfstream Product Support, said. "Since then, we've continuously improved and refined this service, keeping pace with advances in technology, to ensure our customers have the best tools available when it comes to tracking maintenance, whether for a single aircraft or a fleet of aircraft.

"With its Web-based platform, provides real-time information and is accessible anytime, anywhere. It's no wonder has become a valued business partner to more than 1,100 aircraft operators since it was introduced two years ago," Flynn said.

The Work Order Module tracks day-to-day hangar floor activities and helps operators manage costs. Designed around the specific needs of Part 135 management companies and Part 91 operators who employ their own maintenance staff, the Work Order Module simplifies the tracking process.

The Inventory/Purchase Order Module fully integrates inventory and parts management with purchasing, resulting in optimized inventory levels and reduced costs associated with excess inventory. A secure, Web-based system, the Inventory/Purchase Order Module is designed for single-model fleets to large, mixed fleets and everything in between.

Smart Cards were designed to save customers time by replacing the traditional hand-written CMP task card with an electronic version. The Smart Card allows customers to fill out compliance information electronically from any personal computer and, with a keystroke, update the aircraft record while attaching an electronic version of the task card for future reference.

Gulfstream is a Web-based maintenance tracking tool offered to operators of Gulfstream aircraft. With its ability to track both Gulfstream and non-Gulfstream aircraft, has proven popular with customers who operate mixed fleets. features a variety of reporting options, customizable maintenance packages, real-time access to maintenance task cards and secure data storage, and includes Gulfstream technical analyst support.