AMFA Votes to Support Northwest Strike Indefinitely

Laconia, NH, (BUSINESS WIRE) -- June 14, 2006--The National Executive Council of the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Associations (AMFA), the nation's largest union representing aircraft mechanics and related employees, announced today that their locals throughout the U.S. have voted unanimously to provide financial support indefinitely for AMFA's ongoing strike against Northwest Airlines (Nasdaq:NWACQ.PK).

"The mechanics and related employees at our other airlines recognize that Northwest is attempting to implement a very risky and reckless business model by shifting most of their aircraft maintenance to foreign repair facilities and utilizing unlicensed labor to perform mechanics' work in this country," said AMFA Assistant National Director Steve MacFarlane.

AMFA represents over 12,000 members at carriers including Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Northwest Airlines, ATA, Horizon and Mesaba Airlines.

"Northwest still has a legal obligation to negotiate with AMFA in good faith and will not have a competent and reliable maintenance department until they settle with their striking employees," MacFarlane said. "This airline was mismanaged into bankruptcy, has the oldest fleet in the industry and came in dead last in 2005 for customer satisfaction. At some point, Northwest will need to become competitive again by improving quality, service and safety. As part of that effort, they'll need to upgrade their maintenance capabilities to match the rest of the industry. We'll be ready to talk when that time comes."

AMFA's credo is "Safety in the air begins with Quality Maintenance on the Ground". To learn more about AMFA, visit: