Aviation Exploring Post 78 Receives Donation from ASA

Aviation Exploring Post 78, sponsored by Sporty's Pilot Shop and its FBO affiliate Eastern Cincinnati Aviation, has received a gift of a Personal Computer-Based Aviation Flight Training Device (PCATD) from Aviation Supplies & Academics (ASA).

ASA's PCATD, called On Top, meets FAA requirements for a loggable training device and can provide users with up to 10 hours towards an instrument rating, plus an unlimited amount of ground training hours. Complete with software, yoke, radio stack and rudder pedals, the PCATD is valued at more than $3000.00.

Post 78 will use the PCATD during meetings as an activity to introduce Aviation Explorers to flight instruments and controls and simulate cross country-flying in a realistic environment.

"Aviation Exploring provides an incredible vehicle for young people to discover exactly what aviation is all about and how they fit in --opportunities abound!" said Mike Lorden, ASA's General Manager. "ASA's On Top PCATD will assist in Explorers carrying this experience forward as they kick off their aviation careers."

Aviation Exploring, an affiliate of the Boy Scouts of America, is a youth development program open to young women and men between the ages of fourteen and twenty. For more information visit www.aviationexploring.org.