HAI Announces Recipient of the 2006 Joe Mashman Safety Award

Alexandria, Va., January 15, 2007 - HAI is pleased to introduce this year's Joe Mashman Safety Award recipient, Mr. Scott Baxter of Bell Helicopter. Baxter’s firm belief in the enhancement of night safety has positioned him as a leading proponent for the proliferation of Night Vision Goggles (NVG).

Upon his entry into civilian aviation, Baxter took the initiative to understand the operational differences between military flight operations and the civilian sector. He worked on the content of a Night Vision Goggle course for over a period of three years, most of which took place during personal time. Baxter had to persuade the industry, including his co-workers at Bell Helicopter to share in his vision of a helicopter industry that would be safer through the use of Night Vision Goggles. His dream has been realized. Today aviators around the world, including many police officers and EMS agency personnel are putting this added safety measure to first-class use. In addition, during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Baxter played an instrumental role in his support of the victims and rescuers through the use of NVG's.

As an instructor at Bell Helicopter Training Academy, he has developed and introduced the first part 141 approved NVG training course, a part 141 approved NVG refresher course, and an IP course. His contribution of safety helped to promote the use and value of non-military NVG trained pilots. Baxter continues to work to educate decision-makers, and to train the end-users. Baxter's teaching technique, common sense, and responsibility provides the edge that will prove necessary to saving lives and opens up operational capacities that were previously restricted to daytime applications.

All winners will be recognized at HELI-EXPO 2007’s annual "Salute to Excellence" Awards Celebration on March 2, 2007 at 8:00 p.m. in Orlando, Florida. For more information about the 2007 "Salute to Excellence" Awards Celebration, contact HAI’s Communications Department at 703-683-4646, fax: 703-683-4745, or email: rotor@rotor.com. For more information on HELI-EXPO 2007, visit www.heliexpo.com.

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