Jet Stream Aviation University Announces Grand Opening at Love Field in Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX January 18, 2007 - Jet Stream Aviation Products announced today the opening of their 'Jet Stream Aviation Cosmetic Detailing University' located at the Dallas, TX Love Field Corporate Headquarters. The University provides a three day certification program for aviation detailing professionals interested in acquiring knowledge in the safe and proper procedures for detailing all aspects of exterior and interiors of jet aircraft.

"Jet Stream Aviation University is the first program developed to teach aircraft detailing in a classroom environment. Designed for both aircraft detailing professionals and individual flight departments each class has been designed to teach accurate, informative and comprehensive aircraft detailing procedures! Each student will receive a certificate of completion after the three day program," said Cody Fulcher, President of Jet Stream Aviation Products, the parent company of Jet Stream Aviation University. "We are very excited to begin this program. Clients from around the world, from 747 operators to FBO's with detailing departments, have requested we start this program. We feel that we are developing a valuable program for the aircraft industry," Fulcher added.

"Our goal at Jet Stream Aviation University is to provide students with the knowledge of how to maintain the highest standards of aircraft cosmetics," said Richard Needham, Director of Training for the University. "This knowledge not only teaches these standards but also teaches what products, procedures and tools are required to perform each detailing task with the greatest efficiency and safety for the aircraft and the person performing each task," Richard added.