Inadequate Airspeed, Failure to Activate Deice Boots Among Causes Cited by NTSB in Pueblo, Colorado Corporate Jet Crash

NTSB determined February 2005 crash of Cessna Citation owned by Circuit City Stores, Inc., caused by flight crew's failure to effectively monitor and maintain airspeed and comply with procedures for deice boot activation, leading to aerodynamic stall.

The Board further concluded that ice bridging does not occur on modern airplanes; therefore, there is no reason for flight crews to delay activation of the deice boots. The Board recommended that the FAA require that guidance for aircraft with pneumatic deice boots be revised to indicate that the leading edge deice boots should be activated as soon as the aircraft enters icing conditions.

The Board also called on the FAA to develop pilot training programs to emphasize monitoring skills and workload management.

Additionally, the Board reiterated two recommendations issued in 1996 and 1998 to the FAA calling for revised certification standards for aircraft operating in icing conditions. The Board has classified the FAA's response to these recommendations as unacceptable.

A synopsis of the Board's report, including the probable cause and safety recommendations, is available on the Board's Web site,, under "Board Meetings." The Board's full report will be available on the Web site in several weeks.

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