GAMA Labels 2006 a Banner Year for General Aviation

Today, leaders of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) announced that shipments of every type of general aviation airplane increased in 2006 and the strong numbers have led to another record high in industry billings.

Speaking at GAMA’s Annual Industry Review and Market Outlook Briefing, GAMA Chairman Dr. John J. Grisik cited factors that contributed to the banner year, "Worldwide economic growth, a strong export market, and increased use of general aviation for both business and personal use all played a part in this outstanding year for general aviation." Dr. Grisik added, "As our manufacturers continue to fill their order books, GAMA anticipates another robust year for general aviation in 2007 and beyond."

The all-time high for billings totaled $18.8 billion, a 24.1 percent increase over 2005. Year-end, worldwide shipments of general aviation airplanes totaled 4,042 units for 2006, up 12.9 percent over the previous year’s total of 3,580 units. Aside from the record set for year-end billings, the industry also experienced an all-time high in business jet shipments.

Piston airplane shipments experienced an 11.6 percent increase over the previous year. Total units increased from 2,465 in 2005 to 2,750 airplanes in 2006. Shipments of turboprops increased by 11.5 percent, up from 365 units in 2005 to 407 units in 2006. Business jet shipments increased in 2006, to a total of 885 airplanes, up 18 percent over last year’s figure of 750 units.


2005 2006 CHANGE

Pistons 2,465 2,750 +11.6%

Turboprops 365 407 +11.5%

Business Jets 750 885 +18.0%

Total Shipments 3,580 4,042 +12.9%

Total Billings $15.1B $18.8B +24.1%

GAMA is an international trade association headquartered in Washington, DC representing over 50 of the world's leading manufacturers of general aviation aircraft, engines, avionics and related equipment. GAMA's members also operate fleets of aircraft, fixed based operations, and pilot training and maintenance training facilities. For additional information, visit GAMA’s website at