FAA PMA Awarded on Upgraded DVD, Wireless Audio and Moving Map

Flight Display Systems has received Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for three upgraded cabin entertainment products.

The FD932DVD-4B is a Worldwide DVD/CD/MP3 player for business aviation. It is a direct replacement for the FD932DVD-4. This upgraded model features iPod integration, additional audio/video jacks, and a new 28-volt power supply. The FD932DVD-4B is available today for $905.

The FD900X3B is the only FAA PMA approved wireless audio transmitter for business aviation. The transmitter weighs only 1/2 lb. and it eliminates costly wiring and installation time. The FD900X3B is available today for $1,479.

The FD200CPU-9 and FD200CPU-10 are soon-to-be-released computer processing units intended for the next line of Flight Display Moving Map. Introduced in 2001, the FD200CPU line of Moving Maps was the first affordable passenger information display. These new computer processing units will feature enhanced video memory and processing power for high-quality satellite imagery.

Flight Display Systems was founded in 1999 and now has over 30 products with FAA PMA approval. Parts Manufacturer Approval was initially issued in 2003 after establishing a fabrication inspection system as required by FAR 21.303(h) under the provisions of FAR 21.303(d). Full requirements for parts produced under a PMA are identified in FAR 45.15.


Every day thousands of aircraft owners enjoy the great value and high quality of Flight Display Systems products. Flight Display Systems manufactures over 40 cabin entertainment products to enhance the flight experience. This includes affordable Moving Map displays, LCD monitors from 7 to 42 inches, wireless audio systems, DVD players and Glareshield cameras. Flight Display Systems is the leading manufacturer of in-flight entertainment equipment for retrofit aircraft.