Advanced Avionics Certification

March 20, 2007, Orlando, FL -- Floyd Curtis, Director of the National Center for Aviation Technician Training (NCATT) gave a presentation today during Aviation Industry Expo on the newly available certifications for avionics technicians. Until last year, no certification existed for avionics technicians working in aviation. The only "certifications" available were repairman certificates or an FCC license. Seeing a need to develop a more comprehensive certification program, NCATT formed in 1999 with industry involvement to assess needs and develop a program to best benefit avionics technicians. The non-profit organization has secured $1.2 million in grants through the National Science Foundation to get the certification program launched. The standards that NCATT is developing are modular, and technicians can achieve different levels of certification as they advance in their careers.

In addition, an accreditation process has been developed for third-party training companies to be able to instruct to the standards set by NCATT. NCATT will provide curriculum and study guides to organizations interested in providing such training, assisting them in meeting the standards.

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